East Side Dave of the Morning Rat Race here.   Future Hall-Of-Fame Giants quarterback Eli Manning released a video congratulating Tom Brady on his retirement in beautiful Eli fashion…class, respect, and a little comedy.

Good for Eli.   I mean…this Brady guy was pretty good, I guess…but Eli was 2 and 0 versus Brady in the Super Bowl.   Just saying.

I mean…not trying to start anything here…but Eli defeated Brady and the Pats when they were UNDEFEATED!   18 and 0!   Gone!   Insane!

I mean…I’m not trying to be a jerk here…but when they played head-to-head in the biggest game of the year…it was Eli and not Brady who was named Super Bowl MVP…twice!!

I mean…I’m not trying to rub it in here…but Eli and the Giants beat the quote-unquote best quarterback and best coach in NFL history…multiple times!

I mean…I’m not tying to trash-talk here…but Eli is the BEST and Brady sucks!   Let’s go Giants!!!   Yeeehhhaaaaww!

– East Side Dave (unabashed non-classy Giants fan)




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