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(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

That’s right kids… get ready for Lego butt-hole…

Scroll down for the pictures… if you dare…

Lego can afford to play it fast and loose with details due to their blockish nature.  So, you wouldn’t expect Lego ANIMALS to be “anatomically correct.”  But that’s changing as their sets become increasingly intricate.

They recently introduced a “Majestic Tiger,” which has impressive detail . . . including Lego’s first ANUS.  Yes, the tiger has a small, circular pink piece that fits underneath its tail.  The specific part is also used for flowers, among other things.


It’s kinda cool . . . kinda very much unnecessary . . . and kinda hilarious at the same time, considering there are kids out there, following the directions . . . looking through their Legos to find that little pink rosebud . . . and snapping it under that tiger’s tail.



Carl Craft is studying here on earth for a short time and trying to make the most of it... with varying amounts of success. He's heard every morning on The Morning Rat Race. Sometimes he goes, "sock / shoe, sock / shoe" which we think is a sign of some kind of psychosis...