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Ummm, say what?

That’s right people…  The newest anti-vax nonsense is to drink your own urine.

As a general rule, anyone who tells you to do THIS probably doesn’t know what they’re talking about.  A prominent anti-vaxxer named Christopher Key won’t stop claiming the vaccine is a “bioweapon.”  And his newest advice  is to skip your booster . . . and drink your own PEE instead.  (???)

Hey, I’m no scientist but I know a few and the only time I’m drinking my own urine is… wait… that would be NEVER.

This giant self-absorbed idiot posted a video and claimed there’s a ton of evidence to support what he calls “urine therapy.”  He doesn’t actually present any of that evidence though.  He just says do your own research.

Hey Chris, I did my own research.  It came back with this:  Try lemonade.  It has the same medicinal qualities and tastes much better.

He admits it sounds crazy.  He actually says that multiple times.  But he claims he’s been doing it himself for 23 YEARS to cure various ailments.  He also admits there haven’t been any real, peer-reviewed studies on it, and it’s all anecdotal evidence . . . except he mispronounces it “antidotal” evidence

Here’s his video…

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