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Potential freshness warning signs to look for in a Christmas tree is how vibrant the green needles are and how easy it is for the needles to be plucked from the tree.

They’ll use your old tree to help protect the dunes…

Today, January 6th is “National Take Down Your Christmas Tree Day” and your pals at 95.9 The Rat have a good idea on what you can do with your tree now that Santa’s made his deliveries…

Scroll down for info and an important link.

Why is today “National Take Down Your Christmas Tree Day”?  Because that thing that brought you the holiday vibe and made your living room smell like the spirit of giving is now quickly becoming a fire hazard.  Even if you water that thing every day, it gets dried out.

The National Fire Protection Association just put out a statement telling people it’s time to take them down.  They say almost a third of Christmas tree fires happen in January… which doesn’t seem like a lot now that I think about it… but anyway….

So, put it to a good use right here on the Jersey Shore!

If you donate them to Island Beach State Park in Ocean County, they’ll be used to build up and protect the dunes on that barrier island slice of heaven.  The dunes provide habitat for a bunch of different kinds of wildlife including grasses and birds and other animals.  Plus, a more stable dune will hold up to storms.  In 2020 we donated over 2000 trees

One note:  The trees can’t have any ornaments on them… no tinsel… no lights… and make sure the candy canes are gone… and take a last look to make sure there’s no gifts hiding in there!  LOL.

Another note:  The park is asking us to let them know that you’ve got a tree to donate by registering.  Click here for more info.



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