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LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 30: Actress Kyle Richards attends the REVOLT & NCTA Host VIP Gala For Talent & Cable Execs at Belasco Theatre on April 30, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Guess Which One She Picked???!!!

Is this the most diabolical gift ever?  There’s a video making the rounds of a guy who got his wife TWO sets of identical earrings for Christmas.

But there was a big difference . . .

One set had real diamonds . . . the other had FAKE ones . . . and she had to CHOOSE which ones she wanted.

Even the packaging looked the same, and he said he’d return the ones she didn’t pick.

Her sister-in-law posted the video, and their whole family thought it was hilarious . . . especially after she ended up picking the FAKE ones.  It’s not clear if he stuck to his guns and returned the real ones or not.

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