Well, this is it, Giants fans.   We’ve hit rock bottom.   This team is the WORST.   This latest embarrassing loss (to the Bears, 29 to 3) saw the Giants’ quarterback, Mike Glennon, throw for 24 yards…for the entire game!

And Head Coach Joe Judge and General Manager Dave Gettleman are THE reason that this team is absolutely terrible and the pathetic pair need to go.   ASAP.

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Since Gettleman came to the Giants, he’s made bad draft picks, has yet to find a suitable replacement for Eli Manning, botched trades, made terrible free agent acquisitions, screwed up the Giants’ salary cap, and generally ruined this team.

But we can no longer let Judge off the hook.   I understand that this is only Judge’s second year as Giants head coach…but he’s gotten exponentially worse and the team’s play has deteriorated to the point where many football analysts feel that the Giants are the single worst team in the NFL.   At this point…there is one word to describe Judge and the job he’s doing: INEPT.

Let’s be real here, Big Blue fans.    Joe Judge is NOT an NFL head coach.   Sorry.   I was rooting for him like everybody else.   I wanted a young spirited guy on the sidelines leading my team, rather than an old boring guy.   But Judge has proven to be beyond inexperienced…the guy is greener than the Jets.

To JOHN MARA, Owner of the New York Football Giants…..We, the fans, deserve better………..FIRE Joe Judge and Dave Gettleman immediately or expect a continued P.R. disaster and more fans becoming disillusioned with the team to the point of utter apathy.   In the end, it will mean no money for you, Mr. Mara, when the fans stop financially supporting your team.    Judge and Gettleman need TO GO PRONTO.   Do it by the end of the week.   Send a message.   This kind of atrocious football is unacceptable.  FIRE THEM NOW.

I’m East Side Dave….thank you for your time.





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