Local Vibes

How many killer shows did we see at Joey Harrison’s Surf Club over the years?  It’s impossible to remember them all.  We loved that place because the ocean air was quite literally at the stage edge.  Artists loved playing there too because of the beach vibe and the awesome Jersey crowds… People would actually be surfing as the bands carried on.

Well… as you probably know… Superstorm Sandy did a job on Joey’s and it’s been sitting there as a shell ever since. Well, the big news just dropped that Toms River is now taking ownership of the land that the club is on and there’s finally an end in sight for the famed club’s location.

The deal went down with funding from the town of Toms River and the state of New Jersey’s Blue Acres program.  The town is picking up less than a million of the 7 million dollar tab.  The future of what will be on the place isn’t 100% yet but it looks like there could be an extension of the boardwalk, benches, and restrooms… even a parking lot.

It sounds like it’s one of the first times that we can remember that a privately held beach front property will be returned to public use!  And if that does actually happen… we will totally be showing up to catch some rays and waves.

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