NO SALES RESTRICTIONS. 3/6/00 Los Angeles, CA. M*A*S*H pose during a reunion March 6, 2000 in Los Angeles. The cast, from left, Allan Arbus, Harry Morgan, Mike Farrell, Alan Alda, Wayne Rogers, William Christopher and Jamie Farr were on hand to participate in the William S. Paley Television Festival which celebrates television's rich and diverse programming. The festival, which offers 13 events, salutes a program chosen for its artistic merit, cultural impact and historical significance. Photo by Chris Martinez Online USA, Inc.

Now, this is some interesting throwback content right here!    I was perusing the ol’ YouTube…looking for something fun…when this really weird video popped up.

It’s a clip of a series of commercials that IBM Computers did in 1988…with the cast of M.A.S.H. for some reason!   I mean, I know that the show was one of the biggest sitcoms in TV history…but I’m not sure why the M.A.S.H. gang would be the ones to be asked to do a modern computer campaign…when they were famous for making a show set in the 1950’s!

It’s strange to say…but this video kind of works as a psychedelic, alternate reality version of M.A.S.H. where they work in a boring office rather than at war.   Maybe the story could be that when they were flying home from Korea, they had to pass through the Bermuda Triangle, and their plane was sucked up by an electric vortex and landed in this weird, ’80’s, alternate dimension!   That’s just MY thought anyway!   Maybe I should put down this joint!

– East Side Dave



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