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We’ve got Conspiracy Theory in the NFL!   And it deals with the Manning Brothers, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, ESPN, and David Letterman!

Letterman was one of the guests on the Monday Night Football Manningcast last night…and when Letterman was about to go into a story about Goodell getting booed…Letterman was instantly cut off by a commercial!

Now we all know that Roger Goodell has not been a popular commissioner.   But, I’ll go you one better.   I believe Goodell is the single WORST commissioner in all of sports…and I could see either Goodell or ESPN pulling crap like this to spare Goodell’s (sullied) reputation.

But here’s one more conspiracy for ya.   Is it possible that the culprit is……….none other than Peyton Manning himself (cue murder mystery music)!

When you look at the video…watch how…at :07 seconds in…Peyton makes a stretching motion when Letterman is talking.   After this pantomime, Letterman is immediately cut off.   Did Peyton pull an “Omaha” on Dave?!

Check out the clip below.   There’s a lot to go over.   What do you think?   And do you agree or disagree that Roger Goodell is the worst commissioner in sports?   Let me know!

– East Side Dave









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