Well, I guess All Star shortstop Carlos Correa will not be coming to the New York Yankees any time soon.   Even though is a free agent, and could potentially receive an offer from the Yankees (who have stated that they’re looking for a shortstop), Correa still went nuts in a recent interview!

For some reason, Correa (who has been playing and cheating with the Houston Astros these last few seasons) decided to talk some smack against “The Captain” Derek Jeter.   In a podcast interview, Correa stated that: “Derek Jeter didn’t deserve any of the Gold Gloves he won.”

Um, what???   For the record, Jeter won five Gold Glove awards.   But he also made the Flip Play.   The flying-into-the-stands catches in the MLB Postseason and versus the Red Sox.   I mean, the guy practically INVENTED the jump-and-throw move when he goes in the hole to his backhand to field the ball!

What is Correa’s deal?!   First, he and his team-mates cheat the Yankees in 2017 in the American League Championship Series!   Then, he refuses to apologize for it!   And now he dumps on Derek Jeter?!   Forget it about it!

– East Side Dave






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