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New Single Available Now!

Gina Royale’s music is a potent blend of raw power and polished artistry.  Her band’s Alternative Pop sound is catchy and energetic but not in any way superficial.  There’s a lot more than just surface and we look forward to digging deeper.

Gina Royale has a number of releases available now for streaming.  Crank them on spotify!

“Hurts Like Hell” is a driving, punchy, pop-infused anthem about finding the strength to get over someone.  It’s message of pushing forward in spite of pain is highly relatable and seriously motivational.  It also totally rocks.

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“Hurts Like Hell” was written by Gina Royale and Rob Freeman.  The video was directed by David Zeck and Shaun Mason.  It was produced by Vault X Visuals.  Check it out!