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Hola, Rat Rock Nation!   East Side Dave here!   So…today on The Morning Rat Race we discussed a story where Tom Hanks said his top three favorite movies to make were A League of Their Own, Cast Away, and Cloud Atlas.   Three really cool movies…no doubt.

But are they our favorite Hanks films?   Maybe…maybe not!   Behold…it’s East Side Dave’s Top 5 Tom Hanks Movies!   And it starts…right now!


5.) Road To Perdition

Tom Hanks gives an incredibly powerful performance in this absolutely awesome gangster flick that sees Hanks going to head-to-head with screen legend Paul Newman.




4.) Forrest Gump

The picture that gave Tom his second Oscar (the first one he won with Philadelphia)…Forrest Gump was THE movie of the Summer of ’94.   Classic American film.




3.) Big

One of the early movies of Hanks’ career that catapulted him into superstardom…Big actually got Tom his first Oscar nomination.  It’s a really fun flick to this day…and don’t forget…Hanks’ character Josh is a Giants fan!   Yes!




2.) Apollo 13

The film which picked up Best Picture at the Academy Awards, Ron Howard’s Apollo 13 is an amazing cinematic experience that really takes you to the stars.



1.) Saving Private Ryan

A World War II masterpiece from Steven Spielberg…Saving Private Ryan has one of Hanks’ greatest performances in this icon war film.




Honorable Mention: Toy Story

Come on!   We gotta at least give this a shout-out!   Woody is one of Tom’s most beloved characters!





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