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Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira…..and Eli Manning?!   Whaaaaa?   It seems Eli is joining the ranks of those superstar women who have all caused viewer complaints to the FCC during an NFL broadcast.

Apparently, there were…wait for it…THREE whole people in the entire United States of America who were offended by Eli giving the double-bird on his alternate Monday Night Football broadcast that he does with brother Peyton.

Here’s what one of the complaints said: “On ESPN ‘”Monday Night Football” Eli Manning used profane gestures that were despicable and unacceptable and fines should be levied.  Young Americans should never be exposed to something like that, it was disgusting.”

“Disgusting”?!   Hahahaha!   That person clearly ain’t from Jersey!!   Lighten up, Francis!!

Maybe we should set up a GoFundMe for Eli…after all…those three Karen’s may have just cost Eli dozens of dollars in fines!   See the clips below!

– East Side Dave






"East Side" Dave McDonald. Co-Host Of The Morning Rat Race (6 to 10 AM). Digital Content Coordinator & Producer.