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Sixx and Tommy Lee formed Motley Crue in 1981.  Shortly thereafter, the two came across Mick Mars’ infamous “Loud, rude and aggressive guitar player available” ad.  The weird kismet moment, of course, was that Sixx and Mars met before in a liquor store where Sixx worked as a cashier.  It’s all in The Dirt.  If you haven’t read it yet, shame on you!

Tommy Lee and John Travolta have an unlikely friendship, and the thing that apparently binds them is a shared love of baking.

Lee shared the TikTok clip below of a text exchange between him and Travolta where the actor asked the drummer to send him “that peanut butter Chico [sic] chip cookie recipe that you have.” Lee obliged and then Travolta sent him the picture of the finished product.

The clip continues with a front-facing video of Travolta saying, “Who’d have thought that two superstars would spend their Wednesday nights making brownies and cookies?”

Lee closed out the clip saying, “Oh my God, buddy, my wife and I were just saying the exact same thing. I’m like, ‘Who’s sitting around on a Wednesday night?’ … I go, ‘Can you imagine if people know Tommy and John are baking? What happened?!'”

Frankly, this duo doesn’t seem to make any sense on the surface, but we are all here for this wholesome baking exchange. Fingers crossed that they’ll collaborate in person on a fun baking video. This is the


What happened?! 🤷🏻‍♂️

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