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New Single Available Now!

The Hungry & Dangerous is a high-octane Rock project by Jordan Taylor Moed.  They produce driving, anthemic tracks with a serious 1980’s vibe.  If you’re looking for upbeat musical energy, they are definitely the band for you!

The Hungry & Dangerous’ eponymous single burst onto the scene last summer with positive-charged vibes.  Their latest track exists on the opposite end of the spectrum.  Released shortly before Halloween “Insomniacs” boasts a dark energy that is perfect for the time of year when the night clocks more hours than the day.  And this track is perfect for all creatures of the night!

Both singles are available now on Diotima Records.  Find them HERE.

“Insomniacs” made its Jersey Rock premiere on Part 2 of the 4th Annual Jersey Rock Podcast Halloween Special.  Check it out HERE.  Drummer Matt Lewis called in to this week’s Jersey Rock Podcast to tell us about the new single.  Listen to it HERE.

Keep your eyes open to everything The Hungry & Dangerous is doing at!

Check out the lyric video for “Insomniacs”!