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Monmouth County SCPA assisted the Marlboro Police Department on Wednesday (November 3) in capturing a 2,500lb bison that had escaped from a local farm.

The Monmouth County SCPA’s Humane Law Enforcement & Animal Control team safely contained and tranquilized the male bison named “Bison-tennial” in order to get him back to to his home.

“Marlboro Township Police Department gave our Humane Law Enforcement & Animal Control team a call today to contain and safely tranquilize this lost boy and get him back to where he came from,” Monmouth County SPCA shared to Facebook. “Thanks to the quick response and planning from our team, no humans or animals were harmed, and when this giant horned fluffernutter wakes up, he’ll be home sweet home!”

Click here to see the official post from the Monmouth County SPCA.