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Beers For A Cause!  Cheers!

Hey, it’s Carl Craft from The Morning Rat Race and did we have a great time on Saturday, October 23rd on our beer tasting tour for Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity.

Our tour visited three local breweries… each of them made a special beer to help raise money for the 21st home that N.O. Habitat is building for a local family.  Scroll down and check out each video with each of the brewers!

The breweries that we visited were (in order) Toms River Brewing on Route 37 West, Icarus Brewing in Lakewood on Swarthmore, and Last Wave Brewing on Bay Ave in Point Pleasant.

A few notes before we begin:

  •  I think it’s awesome that each brewer created a completely different beer for this project.  You really should try them all while you still can!  And it was all done in the spirit of cooperation and helping the community… Classy in a glass!
  • Each of the beers is what they call, “easy drinking”… meaning they’re not loaded up with hops and crazy bitterness… None of them are super challenging.  Any beer lover can enjoy them all. But that’s not to say they’re “simple”… These guys know their stuff and there’s complexities to all of ’em.


Toms River Brewing’s “House That Beer Built” was a great Harvest Amber Ale.  In the video below you can hear how Matt sourced their own local hops from a farm in Colts Neck for this one.  I thought this was really tasty and had a great hop kick in the middle of the taste profile but finished with a sweet, warm amber ale classic flavor.

Matt Hynes chats with Carl Craft in the brewhouse.

At Icarus Brewing, Jason made a straight ahead Fall Amber Ale for his “House That Beer Built”.  It’s super tasty with it’s German malty overtones… it totally tastes like a chilly evening around a campfire.  Out of the three different beers, this one was the easiest drinking and the most approachable.  Soft palate, delish!

Carl Craft and Jason Goldstein talk about “The House That Beer Built”

At Last Wave, Nick was inspired by the idea of home cooking for his “House That Beer Built”, specifically the idea that every good house has an inspiring baker working on their perfect banana bread recipe.  Nick’s entry actually had a faint last sweetness that was spot on for banana bread.  How’d they do it?  They used real bananas in the beer!  Really awesome because it wasn’t over the top, just exactly perfect.

Nick Jiorle tells Carl Craft how banana bread inspired his House That Beer Built

You gotta try these “oat sodas” while you can.  Pop into each brewery and ask for them by name… you’ll not only get a great beverage, but you’ll be raising money for a great cause!  Watch the videos below to get even more flavor before tasting the beers yourself!



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