This just in!   The New York Yankees have announced that they’re bringing back Aaron Boone for three mores seasons…with a club option for 2025.   Boone has been heavily criticized by the Yankee fans for the Yanks’ recent playoff failures and inability to win a World Series.

For Boone’s part, he’s 110 games over .500 in his four seasons as Yankee manager (at 328-218).   And he’s the only manager in Major League Baseball history to begin the first two years of his career winning at least 100 games in those seasons.

Maybe the deciding factor is that Boone seems to have the supports of his players (which is always a good thing).   Here’s what Aaron Judge had to say: “It’s been a pleasure the past couple of years to play for him and fight for him every single day. I could spend all night giving you reasons why he should still be the manager.”

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