Hey, who doesn’t love Triumph The Insult Comic Dog?   Created by Robert Smigel, Triumph has been entertaining TV audiences for decades!

And with Conan O’Brien officially retiring from late night talk show television this past June, we imagine that we’ll be seeing less (if any) of Triumph!   So, let’s get to it!   It’s East Side Dave’s Top 5 Triumph The Insult Dog Segments!


5.) Triumph Vs. Wall Street (2011)

Triumph goes toe-to-toe with protesters, stock brokers, and anyone who enters his vicinity.



4.) Triumph Vs. Times Square Mascots (2014)

Let’s be honest…those Time Square Masconts are really annoying.   I, for one, am glad Triumph f—ed with them.



3.) Triumph Vs. Comic-Con (2008)

Triumph always does his best work with Nerd Culture.   Comic-Con is right up the good boy’s alley.



2.) Triumph Vs. Bon Jovi (2001)

An absolutely hysterical segment where Triumph talked with the guys from Jersey about music…and…other stuff….




1.) Triumph Vs. Star Wars: Episode II (2002)

See entry #3.    In all honest, THIS truly is the king of the Triumph segments.   The vicious doggy must have not gotten his shots that day…as he attacks and destroys these Star Wars fans.






"East Side" Dave McDonald. Co-Host Of The Morning Rat Race (6 to 10 AM). Digital Content Coordinator & Producer.