Who’s ready for some panic-inducing postseason baseball, baby?!   Because I sure as hellfire am!   It’s the Yankees and the Sox in an elimination Wild Card game tonight!   Winner advances, loser goes home!   And what better way to celebrate than looking at some classic Yankee moments from this epic rivalry?   So, behold…it’s East Side Dave’s Top 5 Yankees Moments Versus The Red Sox!   Play ball!


5.) Babe Ruth Gets Traded To The Yankees By The Red Sox (1920)

Yes, this is very old school.   But let’s be honest.   This whole rivalry starts with The Babe.   Ruth was traded by Boston (after being their best pitcher and hitter) to the Yanks in 1920.   The Red Sox (after having won multiple championships) quickly declined…and the Yankees’ emergence began.

Babe Ruth Pitches, Homers for Yankees En Route to Earning Win Over Red Sox at Yankee Stadium | 1933

In this New York Sports Experience exclusive, Babe Ruth pitches en route to earning the win for the New York Yankees in a regular-season game on October 1, 1...



4.) Derek Jeter and “The Dive” (2004)

Boy, we Yankee fans were spoiled by having Derek Jeter as our shortstop for 20 years.   He was our Captain, a guy who dated movie and pop stars, and yet someone who’ll dive face-first into steel chairs in order to make an incredible catch against the Red Sox in this classic July game from 2004.



3.) Pedro Vs. Zimmer (2003)

Fight!   Fight!   Fight!   It was the 2003 American League Championship Series and the Yankees and Sox were simply not getting along (what else is new).   The Yanks felt that Boston ace Pedro Martinez was intentionally throwing at the heads of Yankees hitters.   And bench coach Don Zimmer was not having any of it!



2.) Bucky “F-ing” Dent (1978)

Bucky Dent was the reliable and sturdy Yankee shortstop in the ’70’s who (on a team with Reggie Jackson and Thurman Munson) was NOT known for hitting home runs.   But unfortunately for the Red Sox, that’s exactly what happened on October 2nd, 1978…when the Yanks defeated the Sox in a thriller to advance in the playoffs and eventually win the World Series.



1.) Aaron Boone Slugs The Yankees Into The World Series! (2003)

Hey, Yankee fans…who’s our manager tonight?   That’s right…it’s Aaron Bleeping Boone…who hit the game-winning, walk-off home run in the 2003 American League Champion Series against the Sox to send the Yanks to the Series!   The-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e YANKEES WIN!





"East Side" Dave McDonald. Co-Host Of The Morning Rat Race (6 to 10 AM). Digital Content Coordinator & Producer.

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