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Sopranos Week comes to an end today with the only way it can…with the best deaths on the show!    Obviously, there were countless murders and hits throughout the series.   But these are arguably the greatest.

Behold!   It’s East Side Dave’s Top 5 Sopranos Death Scenes!   And remember to get your tickets for The Many Saints of Newark (the new Sopranos prequel) at!


5.) Tony Kills Ralphie Cifaretto

An amazing scene from Season 4 where Tony suspects that Ralphie was the one who burned down the stable where they kept their horse Pie-O-My…resulting in the animal’s death.



4.) Janice Shoots Richie Aprile

He was one of the best characters in the history of The Sopranos.   But unfortunately for Richie Aprile, his demise comes in Season 2 at the hands of Tony’s sister in this unforgettable scene.



3.) Adriana La Cerva Is Slain By Silvio Dante

Make no mistake about it…while the Sopranos mobsters can be charming and at times likeable…these guys are stone-cold killers in the end.  After finding out in Season 5 that Adriana has been talking to the F.BI., Tony orders her to be taken out.



2.) Tony Kills Christopher Moltisanti

This one seemed more like a murder than a proper mob hit.   Tony is just sick of Christopher…and puts an end to him in Season 6.



1.) Tony, Silvio & Paulie Whack Big Pussy

After discovering that Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero has been cooperating with the Feds, Tony and company kill their formerly close friend in Season 2 in this epic scene.







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