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And I’m officially creeped right out on this one!

Dateline, England…. A new homeowner in the U.K. discovered an old rag doll behind a wall, which is terrifying enough.

But it gets worse.  It also had a note, where the doll introduced itself as Emily . . . said it killed the original owners . . . and ended with “I hope you have knives . . . sleep well.”


The homeowner’s friends are spooked, but he isn’t bothered by it.  The doll was found in an area that was recently renovated . . . so he thinks it was just planted in there a few years ago as a joke.

But I dunno… are these the things that you really want to mess around with?

Have you ever felt like you’re in the middle of a horror movie?  (other than the last year and a half, or so…)


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