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New Music Available Now!

Manny Cabo continues to inspire with uplifting music that is brimming with wisdom.  He just released a killer new rock anthem titled “The Way Down.”  It’s about overcoming adversity and finding your own path in life.  You can hear it on this week’s Jersey Rock Podcast.

Back in the spring Manny Cabo released “Worst Bad Decision,” a song about the pitfalls of choosing the wrong romantic partner. The bottom line of the track is that one should “never settle.”  There are plenty of people out there who will treat you right, so be as choosy as you need to be.

You can score all of Manny’s new singles now, listen to his “Mojo For Musicians” podcast, and find some killer swag at

Since his breakthrough run on “The Voice” Many Cabo has existed as a positive force within the musical world.  He’s an upbeat person who is always ready to give back but right now he could use your help.  Manny’s house was flooded when the remnants of Hurricane Ida cut across NJ earlier this month.  He lost cars, possessions, and the means to continue his livelihood.  His basement studio and everything it contained were completely destroyed.  A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Manny Cabo and his family.  If you would like to donate you can do so HERE.

This Thursday at 9 pm on the Rat’s facebook page you can catch Manny Cabo on the Jersey Rock Home Showcase.  Don’t miss it!

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The video for “Worst Bad Decision” was directed by Matt Webster and Manny Cabo.  It features performances from Barbar & Anthony Antinori.  The song was produced at Chip Martin Studios and was mixed and mastered by Earl Cohen.Check it out!