Holy Cow!   Just when you think you’ve seen everything in baseball…something always pops up!

In last night’s Yankee game versus the Orioles (the Yanks won, by the way, 4 to 3)…I witnessed something in baseball I’ve never experienced before.

The umpire, Tim Timmons, ejected the entire Baltimore Oriole Grounds Crew for some insane and mysterious reason!

We still don’t know why the ump threw these poor bastards out.   Did one of them say something naughty to him?   Was the crew in the way of the players?   Or maybe the ump just really wanted to get the game in!

I mean, I’ve personally seen the umpire eject players, managers, and even fans…….but the grounds crew?!  Whaaaaa?!

In any event, check out this most peculiar clip below!   As the Yankees’ great John Sterling would say, “Isn’t that something, Suzyn!”

– East Side Dave


MLB Umpire Ejects the Grounds Crew - Yankees vs Orioles - 9/15/2021

The grounds crew was ejected at tonight's New York Yankees vs Baltimore Orioles game. It appears that they were getting ready to set up the tarp a little bit...



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