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NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 06: New York Yankees broadcasters Michael Kay (L) and John Sterling (R) speak in New York, New York. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Holy Cow!   This insane story is crazy, scary and kind of hopeful!

Legendary New York Yankee radio broadcaster John Sterling was just saved by another Yankee announcer!   Apparently, Sterling was stuck in Edgewater, New Jersey…just over the George Washington Bridge…when the heavy rains from Hurricane Ida hit hard.

Sterling was trapped in his car along with dozens of other drivers.   That’s when his broadcast partner, Suzyn Waldman, entered the story.  Suzyn knew that John was stuck in the flood waters…and she thought quickly.

Suzyn called the Yankees’ Spanish play-by-play man, Rickie Ricardo, and told him about Sterling’s emergency.  Ricardo then immediately sprang into action.  He hopped into his Jeep and drove straight for John.

After seeing roughly twenty-five cars stuck in the flood waters…Ricardo finally located Sterling in the nick of time!   Apparently, John’s car was completely stalled out and disabled and the waters were entering the car and flooding it.  Ricardo said that the 83-year-old Sterling looked “shell-shocked” when he got there.

But, Ricardo was able to pull Sterling out of the flooded car and get him safely to his Jeep…and all is good!

WOW!   Talk about a story!   I’m relieved to hear that John Sterling avoided this near-catastrophe!  I mean, this is his FINAL season after broadcasting nearly every single Yankees’ game since 1989!   This man deserves a break!

Anyway, glad all is ok.   Scroll down for some John Sterling’s BEST radio calls and other awesome videos!   Isn’t that something, Suzyn!

– East Side Dave

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