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A ballad featuring producer Rick Parashar’s adult-contemporary sounding electric piano, Epic Records wanted to release the song as a single, which made sense. But Pearl Jam started being rebellious early, and wouldn’t allow it: they felt the song was a bit too personal to be on top 40 radio. Eddie Vedder apparently called radio stations to verify the label’s claims that they didn’t, in fact, release it to radio. Whether or not they did, it became a massive hit. And it’s an enduring one: you can watch a number of “reaction videos” on YouTube to watch people hearing “Black” for the first time. We’ll recommend RogueRxyce’s. You’re almost jealous that you’re not getting the experience that she’s having, but you might remember how hard the song hit you the first time you hear it.

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of Pearl Jam‘s absolutely incredible debut album, Ten.    The iconic record from the Seattle Rock & Roll Hall of Famers is considered to be one of the greatest debuts in rock history.

On August 27th, 1991…Ten was released and Pearl Jam’s career would take off very quickly.   The band soon was tapped to play the Lollapalooza tour…they would get a now-famous MTV Unplugged showcasing songs from the record…make a legendary video with”Jeremy”…and would become one of the biggest bands in the world.

And personally speaking, I learned how to play the drums in the Summer/Fall of ’91 by listen to Ten with headphones and playing along on my first drum kit…and it was so much fun!   Let’s celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Ten today, baby!  What an all-time record!   Check out the video below of PJ playing much of Ten live in the Netherlands!

– East Side Dave



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