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Carl Craft from The Morning Rat Race sits down with Joe Leone, winner of the Shore Award Community Service “Perfect 10” Award.

You can’t talk Italian specialty shop without mentioning the amazing food and service of Joe Leone’s Specialty Shops in Point Pleasant and Sea Girt.

“I’ve been enjoying the breads, cheeses, and foods for years, like so many.  And when I saw that Joe was the winner of the Community Service award in the 2021 Shore Awards, I knew I wanted to personally visit with him to say, congrats.

He launched about the same time that we launched this cool rock radio station and it’s been great watching him grow his business,” says Carl Craft.

The WRAT crew stopped in to visit with Joe to drop off his plaque and find out what makes him and his staff so dedicated to their local community.  And, the crew was proud to hear that patriotism plays a big part in what makes it all happen…

Check out the interview:


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