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Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and visit Asbury Park’s legendary Palace Amusements from years ago!   We’re getting in to our Rat Time Machine to check out the iconic indoor amusement park (which is the original home of Tillie) and looking at videos from yesteryear of this famous local location!

Palace Amusements existed for 100 years…from 1888 to 1988…and was a staple of fun here at the Jersey Shore.   Personally-speaking, my grandparents lived in Asbury from 1968 to 1993 and would take me to Palace Amusements all the time when I was a kid…and I LOVED it!

Check out this awesome, nostalgic videos from one of the greatest places ever!

– East Side Dave



Palace Amusements, Asbury Park

Once upon a time, this was the place to visit in Asbury Park. One unusual feature was the indoor/outdoor Ferris wheel, and an assortment of rides such as the...

Palace Amusements, Asbury Park, NJ Carousel in 1977

This is a rare 16mm film from the NCA Convention in 1977. It shows the Palace Carousel in good detail, though the quality isn't all that great, it still is a...


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