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Chris Berman (left) of ESPN and East Side Dave (right) of the Morning Rat Race at Super Bowl 46. Photo credit: East Side Dave McDonald and Deadspin.

We’re flashing back to February 5th, 2012…..when the Morning Rat Race‘s “East Side” Dave McDonald ran into ESPN’s Chris Berman at Super Bowl 46!

Here’s the story, Rat Rock Nation.   I, Dave, was in Indianapolis for the incredible game.   Eli Manning and the Giants had just defeated Tom Brady and the Patriots (again) in an amazing Super Bowl.   Final score: 21 to 17.

That’s when the beers flowed…and I noticed that the legendary Chris Berman was in my area at the stadium.   With the Giants championship euphoria settling in, I ran up to Berman and grabbed him so that I could get a selfie.

Berman didn’t seem exactly pleased.   He may have even said “Get your (bleeping) hands off me.”   In fact, the website Deadspin posted the photo and said I was “bothering” Berman.   Bah, humbug!!   The Giants just won the Super Bowl!!   Let’s get nuts!!

Anyway, that’s my Chris Berman Super Bowl Story.   Thanks for listening!

– East Side Dave



"East Side" Dave McDonald. Co-Host Of The Morning Rat Race (6 to 10 AM). Digital Content Coordinator & Producer.