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New Single Available Now on Mint 400 Records!

The Clydes released their latest single “Modern Girl” back in June.  It’s a driving, energetic, and  totally cool track that blends elements of 60’s, 70’s and 90’s  British Rock.  On the Clydes’ official YouTube channel guitar player Brian Johnson said “I wanted something like attitude and I was listening to a lot of 60’s riffs like “I Feel Fine” by The Beatles…but I wanted to make it a little more like The Jam and a little more like Oasis.” From there Brian crafted the song with Brent Johnson, who came up with the tune’s catchy chorus.  The end result is a killer track that is Brian Johnson’s current favorite song to perform live.  We’re looking forward to seeing it performed in person as well.

Score Modern Girl now on Mint 400 Records.  It is available on all streaming platforms HERE.

The video for “Modern Girl”  features killer direction and videography by KL Martin.  Visual effects and coloring were done by Matthew Maynak.  Produced by Kaleidosight Films, it stars model Harley Cunha as the proverbial modern girl.  Check it out!