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Let’s go, Rat Rock Nation!   It’s list time!   A most wonderful time where we lovingly berate and name-call each other as we disagree!   Today….it’s the Top 5 Rock Logos Of All Time!   BAM!


5.)Iron Maiden (Eddie the Head)

Maybe the greatest mascot in rock history and certainly one of the BEST representations of any band, Eddie is the Mona Lisa of metal.

Iron Maiden - ‘Killers’ - Released February 2, 1981.

Released February 2, 1981.



4.) Pearl Jam (Stickman)

The famous Stickman from Pearl Jam was designed by bassist Jeff Ament for the “Alive” single.  Trust me…as a mega-fan…I personally know at least six Pearl jam fans with this guy tattooed on their arm!   Even former PJ drummer Dave Abbruzzese got the Stickman inked on his skin (before he was kicked out of the band)!



3.) Guns N’ Roses (literally guns and roses)

Yes, it’s very simple: G’N’R’s famous icon is that of two guns and two roses…and guess what?   It’s legendary!

Guns N' Roses Announce Concert And Ticket Giveaway

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)



2.) Van Halen (Flying VH)

Seen on countless T-shirts in the 1980’s, the “Flying VH” symbol still rocks!

2015 Billboard Music Awards - Show

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)



1.) The Rolling Stones (The Lips)

Is there any logo in rock more iconic than the Stones’ lips?!   The original designer, John Pasche, only got paid fifty English pounds for this masterpiece!   Sorry for the deal, John!   But the good news…..this is THE most famous logo in rock history!

The Royal College Of Art Celebrates 175 Years Of Its Annual Exhibition With A Perfect Place To Grow

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)



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