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And it’s totally bizarre.

The year was 1973… Pink Floyd had just released “Dark Side of The Moon”.

They had recently done something that was very rare for the band:  licensed a song for an advertisement…

Well, along came another ad offer… This one for from the Dole fruits and vegetables company who were quickly becoming one of the world’s largest distributors of fruit and vegetables.

They wanted to use the song, “Great Gig In The Sky” in an ad for their bananas…

An agreement was reached and one of the world’s oddest commercials was borne…. Watch it below.

Exactly what Pink Floyd has to do with tropical fruits and a woman in an evening gown swirling to the incredible music is beyond me… But for some reason, I like this.  It’s trippy, it’s odd, it’s bizarre… And it likely only happened because neither Roger Waters or David Gilmore got a writing credit on the song.  The writing credit (and therefore the money) went to Richard Wright who penned the track.

Here’s the ad:

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