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Van Halen fans will likely get a kick out of this truly strange music video involving the band at a dinosaur park in Italy.

The video below shows the band pantomiming to their song “So This Is Love” in front of what appears to be a life-sized statue of a brontosaurus. Naturally, David Lee Roth interacts with the brontosaurus’ leg, because why wouldn’t he?

Per the video’s description on YouTube, “At the end of 1981 Van Halen filmed some video clips settled in a Jurassic park in Italy, the ‘Prehistoric Park’ of Rivolta D’Adda (near Milan.) The band was engaged in a European tour for promoting ‘Fair Warning.’ These videos aired on Italian state television, RAI 1, during a TV show called ‘Happy Circus.’ Van Halen Italia Fan Club found those video clips and shares them with fans all over the world.”

Van Halen News Desk notes of the video, “The story of the mysterious ‘lost’ Van Halen ‘dinosaur’ video begins back in 1995…At that time, Jeff Hausman (who would go on to run the VHND) got ahold of some strange photos of Van Halen playing their instruments outdoors, among life-size sculptures of dinosaurs…The photos, taken by a VH roadie, were the first evidence that anyone living outside of Italy ever had seen about this ‘lost’ Van Halen video.”

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