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“Cygnus” EP Available Now!

Empire On Fire is a super-charged, female-fronted metallic hard Rock act with a modern, melodic edge.  Their music features epic lyrics, soaring vocals, shredding guitars, driving bass, pounding drums, and a totally rad synth.  All of that power is on display on their “Cygnus” EP.  Find it on all streaming platforms.

Don’t miss Empire On Fire in action at Dingbatz in Clifton on 7/22 and 8/21.  Learn more on Empire On Fire’s instagram page

The video for “Freyja” was shot at D-City Studios.  With quick cuts and multiple angles, it channels all the energy of a live show.  It is a great preview of what to expect from the band’s live performances this summer.

Learn more at

Check out the video for “Freyja”!

Empire On Fire - Freyja

Empire on Fire - Freyja from the EP "Cygnus" STREAMING EVERYWHEREFilmed at D-City StudiosFacebook Link: Li...