For those that aren't hard rock fans and don't really know a lot about Guns N' Roses, they likely at least know "Sweet Child o' Mine." Slash, of course, shines on this classic from his instantly recognizable intro riff to his massive solo. And let's face it: most of us at point or another has thrown on a headband and did that swaying dance Axl Rose does in the video while lip syncing the song in the mirror. (Don't make that face. Yes, you did! No one likes a liar!)

If you love rock and roll…you gotta see this video!   It’s a flashback clip of a legendary Guns N’ Roses show from 33 years ago!

G’N’R taped the iconic concert, Live At The Ritz on February 2nd, 1988 for MTV (back when they played music).

The gig showcases the Rock And Roll Hall Of Famers at their best…young, nuts, crazy-talented, and electric.  Check out the set list and the video of this amazing G’N’R show below!

Guns N' Roses Live At The Ritz 1988

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