ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 18: Writer and director Kevin Smith (C) joined DC writers and illustrators of the TV show MOTU Revelation to announce the new DC comic book limited series, He-Man and the Masters is the Multiverse. The 6-book series will be available at retailers starting November 2019. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Mattel)

Kids of the ’80’s may want to check this out!   Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma, Mallrats) is rebooting He-Man!   And we’ve got the first images of this upcoming animated series below!

Master of the Universe will be premier on Netflix on July 23rd with Smith running the  show.   As a child of the ’80’s (teenager of the ’90’s)…I can tell you that He-Man ruled.

I mean, I watched the show every weekday after school.  And I had tons of He-Man action figures.   Skeletor, Ram Man, Orko,  Moss Man, She-Ra, Castle Grayskull……the Dave Man had them all.   In fact, I sometimes refer to myself as Dave Man because of He-Man.   True story.

So, I have a good feeling about this show.   Kevin Smith says it will be a continuation of the original story…and for that season…plus the nostalgia factor…I am all in!   I have the power!

– East Side Dave



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