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New EP Coming Soon!

Baron Praxis turned in a hard-rocking visually stunning psychedelic set on last week’s Jersey Rock Home Showcase.  The band plans to release the performance as a live EP. Keep an eye out for Baron Praxis’ “Cellar Wrat Live” EP at!  Follow them on facebook at

The Jersey Rock Home Showcase rocks every Thursday at 9:00 pm with a home performance from a different NJ act!  We’re always adding new bands to the schedule.  Stay on top of who is playing HERE.

Check out Baron Praxis’ awesome set!

Jersey Rock Home Showcase: Baron Praxis

(Tom Hanley) Baron Praxis turns in a hard rocking, visually stunning psychedelic experience on tonight's Jersey Rock Home Showcase. The band plans to release this live set as an EP. We'll rock it on the air later this month!

Posted by WRAT 95.9FM on Thursday, May 6, 2021