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Have you ever left an account open and then forgotten about it?  Do you even remember?  Here’s how to find out…

The state of New Jersey has a pretty simple way for you to find out if there’s been any money left on the table in any one of the ways that it generally happens…

Maybe there’s an account left vacant that a financial institution closes because of inactivity.  Or perhaps it’s a life insurance policy that you barely even knew about.  Or maybe a real estate deal didn’t close an escrow account that had your name on it and the money is just sitting there waiting for you to remember it.

Well, sometimes lost money ends up in the database that the state of New Jersey keeps and all you have to do is enter your first and last name to start the process of reclaiming that money!

Here’s the link for the website that can get that process started for you.  It’s a simple search that some people find works for them!

CLICK HERE for the unclaimed property link.

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