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Good morning, Leia’s and Jedi-men!   East Side Dave here!   And as you can imagine…I’m pretty pumped for May the Fourth…aka Star Wars Day…aka “One Of The Greatest Days Of The Year”.

And so, as a result, I’m making a list!   It’s the Top 5 Songs In The Star Wars Galaxy!   In this one, we’re looking at the best songs that exist within the Saga itself.   In other words, these are tunes that are being performed by Star Wars characters for other Star Wars characters.   Enjoy!   And may the Force be with you!


5.) “Jedi Rocks”

A new song that was inserted into Return Of The Jedi when George Lucas re-released the Original Trilogy films as Special Edition movies…this song…well…kinda rocks!   Jabba’s band plays a bluesy rock number that gets the palace pumping!   Blue Traveler, eat your hearts out!

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1997 Special Edition) - Jedi Rocks

This scene features a new song "Jedi Rocks" from the special edition cut of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. I know that some people didn't like the CGI Max Re...


4.) “Jabba Flow”

From The Force Awakens…this song is performed by Shag Kava…a funky, cool, jam band that holds court at Maz Kanata’s castle…and delivers this chill performance.


3.) “Yub Nub”

From the original release of Return Of The Jedi, the Ewoks played and sung this song to celebrate the defeat of the Emperor and the Empire.   The Ewoks’ genre is in the world music tradition of a Fela Kuti or Toumani Diabaté.   This excellent tune has since been removed in the subsequent releases of Jedi.


2.) “The Cantina Song”

You might know them as the Star Wars Cantina Band…but their actual name is Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes…and they are the Ramones of alien bands.   Their brand of up-tempo, hard-driving, space-music makes them one of the most popular acts on Tatooine.

Opening Cantina Scene [1080p]

Star Wars Episode 4 "A New Hope"


1.) “Lapti Nek”

The legendary Max Rebo Band plays this fantastic track that has since been omitted from Episode VI.   The song is sung by the iconic Sny Snoodles…the Mick Jagger of Star Wars singers.   Max Rebo, the blue elephant-looking creature, is as good a keyboard player as the Doors’ Ray Manzarek.   And don’t forget about Droopy McCool…the band’s secret weapon.   As one of the most talented horn players in the Galaxy, McCool adds that certain rock star charisma that land the band and this original song in our number one position.


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