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Corey Taylor touched on the ongoing issue of artists being properly compensated from streaming services and praised Lars Ulrich for standing up to Napster in the early 2000s.

Taylor talked about this topic in a recent appearance on the Wild Ride! With Steve-O podcast.

“I remember everyone giving him so much s— ’cause of that, and he was so right on so many f—ing levels, dude,” said Taylor. “It’s scary. And I wonder how many people look back and eat a little crow because of that… ‘Cause he knew. He knew that this was the direction we were going.”

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The Lars love came about when Steve-O asked Taylor if he had a preference on how fans consumed his own music. Taylor, ever the purist, said he prefers “the old-school way” where a fan would “buy the album, look at the artwork, read the lyrics.”

Taylor would then go on to talk about streaming services in general saying, “It’s kind of weird, it’s kind of hard, because in this day and age, it’s really hard to know which one of the f—ing streaming services actually compensate the artists that they’re ripping off. It’s more important for me that people listen to the music.”

He continued, “At this point, I’ve kind of made peace with the fact that there are various services who are just kind of screwing us, and until the legislation is actually enforced, which they passed under Trump — which I couldn’t f—ing believe — they’ll keep charging us at that rate. But they’ve appealed that legislation. I don’t think the appeals will actually go through. They will raise the rates, and musicians will be able to make a living off their recordings again.”

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