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Happy 4-20, ‘yall!   It’s a miraculous Marijuana Day as the green leaf has been legalized in Jersey and we’re celebrating today with a little pot talk!

So, in accordance of this most sacred holiday, we’ve decided to make a list!   Behold…it’s East Side Dave’s Top 5 Marijuana-Moments-In-The-Movies List!   Smoke ’em if you got ’em!


5.) Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Jeff Spicoli is an absolute marijuana legend.   Here’s Mr. Spicoli smoking up in this fantastic scene…


4.) Dazed And Confused

I never knew the history of George and Martha Washington and weed until I saw this movie.  I still don’t know if any of this is true……but I like the sound of it!


3.) The Big Lebowski

“Nice marmot.”  This scene from the iconic Big Lebowski involves mary jane, a wild animal, and extortion…it’s a classic.


2.) Animal House

This scene is every one of us when we first tried pot.  I swear….this is more like a marijuana documentary rather than a comedy.


1.) Caddy Shack

The ultimate cannabis scene between two comedy legends and a hell of a lotta weed.



"East Side" Dave McDonald. Co-Host Of The Morning Rat Race (6 to 10 AM). Digital Content Coordinator & Producer.