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376806 05: Pearl Jam performs August 23, 2000 at the Jones Beach Theater in Long Island, New York. (Photo by George DeSota/Liaison)

Wow!   This video really jumped out of nowhere but it is still really cool!

Traveling through a Pearl Jam vortex on YouTube, I stumbled upon this rare clip.   It’s a rare video of Pearl Jam rehearsing for their 1994 Saturday Night Live appearance (where they rocked three songs).

The tracks they played that evening were “Not For You”, “Rearviewmirror”, and “Daughter”…and the performances were all great.   Watch to the end as you get some great commercial rehearsals with Eddie Vedder, Emilio Estevez, and Opera Man (Adam Sandler).  Cool stuff!

Check out the video below….followed by video of all three songs on SNL.  Enjoy!

– East Side Dave

Pearl Jam - Not For You (SNL Rehearsals April 1994 Show)

PJ rehearsed 3 songs that day, I've seen other people put up Daughter and RVM, but I've never seen anyone upload Not For You.




Eddie Vedder Shooting Original SNL Promos For Pearl Jam April 1994 Show

I got this VHS tape from a used records store that I used to live by, I've had it since probably at least 1995. Sorry about the quality, like I said it was o...






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