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A new report says the Tokyo Olympics set to take place this summer will be without fans from abroad due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Associated Press (AP) reports, “The Japanese newspaper Mainichi said on Wednesday the decision had been made to exclude foreign fans. It cited only unnamed sources ‘involved in the discussions.’ It said a final decision would be made ‘within the month.'”

This Japanese newspaper cited an unnamed government official who said, “In the current situation it is impossible to bring in foreign spectators.”

This is certainly disappointing for fans hoping to travel to Tokyo to witness the Olympic games. However, this potential decision would be a massive financial hit to the Olympic Games themselves.

AP notes, “Having no fans will be costly. The organizing committee has budgeted income of $800 million from ticket sales. That shortfall will have to be made up by Japanese government entities. It’s also not clear how many local fans will be allowed in venues, and quotas may differ depending on indoor or outdoor settings.”

AP also added, “These are the most expensive Olympics on record. The official cost is $15.4 billion, though two government audits suggest it might be almost twice that much.”

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