Good morning, Rat Rock Nation!   It’s East Side Dave here!   And, for some odd reason, I watched the Golden Globe Awards last night!   Here are my Top Five takeaways from the event!

5.) Ben Stiller with gray hair makes us all feel old. 

Please, Ben.  Just For Men seems to be a fine and reliable product.   Please consider using it.   You’re making us feel old.


4.) Jared Leto is more Chris Robinson than Chris Robinson at this point. 

When did Leto morph into the lead singer of The Black Crowes?   I need answers!


3.) Jamie Lee Curtis is an all-time legend.

Ms. Curtis has been Hollywood royalty forever…but last night…she was turning heads faster than a pro tennis match!  Yowza!  Looking amazing, lady!


2.) Sean Penn’s disheveled hair makes him look like Moe from The Three Stooges.

Meet Sean Penn.   Missing from this picture: Sean’s brothers…Curly & Shemp Penn.


1.) Was Al Pacino napping?   Maybe.   Perhaps.   OK…fine…we love him…but Mr. Pacino was definitely caught taking a quick snooze while on Zoom.

Hey, Al…wake up!  You’re on!  AL!  Someone wake up Al!



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