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Happy Gilmore was released 25 years ago today (February 16.) All these years later, the film’s plentiful amount of one-liners still hold up and are still often used.

Want proof? Scroll through the ten quotes from Happy Gilmore below and judge for yourself.


“Why don’t I go eat some hay? I can make things out of clay, or lay by the bay. I just may. Whaddya say?”

Happy Gilmore - How About I Just go Eat Some Hay?

Funny scene between Happy Gilmore & Shooter McGavin in the comedy film "Happy Gilmore".

“You could trouble me for a warm glass of shut the hell up!” 

A Warm Glass Of Shut the hell up

Happy gilmore grand ma get's told to Shut the hell up

“You’re gonna die, clown!”

You're Goona Die Clown

Happy gilmore killing a clown

“What? Friends listen to ‘Endless Love’ in the dark.”

Happy Gilmore - Skating Date Scene

my favorite date scene.(Btw, this video is for fun only...)

“It’s all in the hips.” 

Happy Gilmore It's all in the hips

Happy Gilmore It's all in the hips

“Just tap it in.”

Happy Gilmore - Just Tap it in...

Happy Gilmore - Just Tap it in. Tap, tap taparoo.

“Damn you people! Go back to your shanties!”

Where were you on that one dips—?” 

“I eat pieces of s— like you for breakfast!” “You eat pieces of s— for breakfast?”

I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast

funny clip from Happy Gilmore

“The price is wrong, b—!”

The Price Is Wrong, Bitch - Happy Gilmore (8/9) Movie CLIP (1996) HD

Happy Gilmore movie clips: THE MOVIE:'t miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: DESCRIPTION:...


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