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CHERTSEY, ENGLAND - APRIL 17: People ride the new Stealth rollercoaster at Thorpe Park on April 17, 2006 in Chertsey, England. Thousands of people flocked to see the new Rollercoaster 'Stealth' as the latest addition to Thorpe Park.Stealth is hailed to be the fastest and tallest launch rollercoaster in Europe, travelling to dizzying heights of 205ft on the ride that accelerates from 0-80mph in 2.3 seconds. (Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

You gotta see this CGI animation of Six Flags Great Adventure‘s brand, new, roller-coaster…Jersey Devil!

Towering at over 130 feet in the air…Jersey Devil is beeing deemed “the world’s tallest, fastest and longest single rail coaster.”

The drop is at a staggering 87 degrees!   The max speed is 58 miles per hour!   And there is over 3,000 feet of track!   WOW!

Check out the video below!

– East Side Dave

Jersey Devil Coaster front seat on-ride POV animation Six Flags Great Adventure

The world's tallest, fastest and longest single rail coaster, Jersey Devil Coaster, will make its world debut at Six Flags Great Adventure in 2020. Towering ...


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