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Jersey Rock

Tue., Wed. & Thur. 11:30pm

Always Fighting For Your Right To Party!

The NPC’s take what they do very seriously.  In a world where bleak news has become the norm, they aren’t ready to give up on the good times.   Thus the never-ending battle rages on.  The NPC’s will fight for your right to party.  That brings us to their latest musical endeavor.

Much more than just a supergroup, The NPC’s combines the efforts of over 56 musicians from more than 30 bands.  Their latest release, a cover of The Beastie Boys’ “Fight For Your Right,” does the original tune serious justice with the added power of a Ska-infused flash mob.  It is nothing short of an epic party.

Lead by Josh Hershkovitz of Backyard Superheroes, The NPC’s boasts the powers of Backyard Superheroes, Andy B And The World, Counterpunch, Cranberry Batcave, Dangit, Fandangle, Fat Chance, High School Football Heroes, Housebound Ska Collective, Hub City Stompers, Llama Tsunami, Loveonacid, Madaline, Megawave, Millington, MONKEY, New Riot, No Vertebrae, Public Serpents, Seanonthedrums, Short NoticeSka’d 4 Life, Suburban Legends, The Day After, The Resignators, The Scotch Bonnets, The Skluttz, Thirteen Towers, and Younger Than Neil.

The NPCs are always looking for new members.  Learn more at

Watch the Video for “Fight For Your Right”!

The NPCs - Fight For Your Right (Beastie Boys Cover with 50+ Musicians from 30+ bands!)

You gotta fight...for your party (once the world is back to normal, of course)!Thanks to Chris Lucca (Suburban Legends) for his horn organization ...