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New Single Available Now!

The Ones You Forgot returns with a great new single and accompanying music video.  “Something For Me” is a reflective, introspective, and cautiously optimistic track.  Framed within the subject of a relationship gone array, it’s a song about accepting a situation beyond one’s control and finding a path forward.  It is a highly relevant tune given the state of the world over the last year.  Everyone deserves a chance to be happy.  Everyone deserves a chance to heal.  But none of that can happen if you don’t find time to look out for yourself.  The song’s message is loud, clear and something that many people need to hear:

“Now it’s time to move along Take care of number one And i will be just fine I’ve learned to cut through the noise I am deserving of joy Even at my lowest”

“Something For Me” is available now on all streaming platforms.  Check out all of your options HERE.

The lyric video for “Something For Me” was produced by Stephanie O’Byrne.  The song was mixed and produced by Rob Freeman and writtne by The Ones You Forgot.

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Check out the lyric video for “Something For Me”!