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Madysin Hatter is back with an awesome new Aerosmith cover and accompanying music video.  “Nobody’s Fault” was done in one take in the midst of the perfect atmospheric conditions.  It is literal lightning in a bottle… or perhaps in this case fog. The end result is something that connects both visually and audibly with what many people were feeling throughout the year that was 2020.

“Nobody’s Fault” was directed by Brandon Ripley and Madysin Hatter.  Brandon Ripley filmed the video. It was produced by Sleepless Pictures.  Madysin Hatter’s version of “Nobody’s Fault” was produced by Rob Bailey.

Madysin Hatter called in to this week’s Jersey Rock podcast to tell us about the production of the video and why she chose to cover this particular Aerosmith tune. Listen to it HERE.

Madysin Hatter currently has new music in production. Keep an eye out for an on-air feature this Winter.

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Check out the video for “Nobody’s Fault”!

"Nobody's Fault" Official Music Video - Madysin Hatter (Aerosmith cover)

Official music video for Madysin Hatter's acoustic cover of Aerosmith's "Nobody's Fault". Listen on iTunes & Spotify.www.MadysinHatter.comDirected by Brandon...