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Donavan Evans is no stranger to Jersey Rock. Having been featured on every Jersey Rock platform with his band The Walk Arounds, he has definitely established his place on the local music scene.  While we love what Donavan accomplished with The Walk Arounds, we’re excited about his new endeavor as a solo artist!

Donavan Evans’ latest video “Red Melted Candle” is a somber, serene, serenade.  He takes social distancing to the max, performing solo in a cemetery. The song was mixed by Rob Richards and the video was directed and edited by Tori Colucci.

In addition to “Red Melted Candle,” Donavan has a number of other videos up on his Satans Bracelets youtube channel.  Keep an eye on everything he is doing  HERE.

Check out the video for “Red Melted Candle”!

Donavan Evans - Red Melted Candle (Acoustic) Music Video

Red Melted Candle (Acoustic) Music Video Directed/edited by Tori Colucci Mixed by Rob Richards Hope you guys enjoy love you !